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Service Stations for Sale or Lease: How Lease Link Property Consultants Can Help You

April 29, 2016

When in the market for a service station, it is advisable to obtain professional assistance from Lease Link Property Consultants to make this task less frustrating. We stay current on all the service stations for sale or lease that are available at a given time for your consideration. You should hire us for other reasons than just this one, though, since we are experts in determining if a property is viable or not for your specific purposes.

We Locate Service Stations for Your Consideration

If you hire our company, we will search through our database to locate service stations for your consideration. You will not need to scour the town to discover what is and is not available on your own. This alone saves you an enormous amount of time in finding the right location for a service station.

Our Company Inspects the Property

Representatives from our company will inspect your selection to ensure that the storage tanks, building, pumps and other features of the site are in proper working order before we allow you to proceed with the sales or lease negotiations. Before we recommend this site to you, we will ensure that access is suitable for customers and delivery people. On top of this, we discover if the service station is still properly zoned. Over the years, zoning can change, which means it is always wise to double check.

We Ensure Ownership of the Property

Another detail that our company deals with before we recommend you to proceed with negotiations is a title search to ensure that the person who claims ownership of the service station, in fact, does own it. Real estate frauds occur all the time where people do not have ownership yet they sell or lease a property just to profit unscrupulously. The buyer or renter is out of his or her money with no property to boot.

Lease Link Negotiates Terms of Sales Contracts or Leases

Lease Link Property Consultants negotiates all the terms of the sales contract or lease to guarantee you the best price and terms. Our negotiator skills dramatically surpass yours since we perform this task continually throughout the year for our clients. We understand how to approach the owner in the proper manner to receive concessions for you to receive a deal that is fair and equitable to you and not just to benefit the owner.

The above are all the details that we will handle for you with service stations for sale or lease when you are in search of a new location. On top of these details, we also will sell or lease your present property if necessary in an expeditious manner. Contact us to learn additional information on our services and business.

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