Lease Link Property Consultants: Petrol Station and Fast Food Specialist in Site Acquisitions

June 30, 2016

Petrol stations or fast food establishments have special requirements for operating locations in comparison to other businesses. For example, petrol stations require a piece of property that will contain underground storage tanks in a stable manner to ensure there is no chance of leaking along with other features. On the other hand, fast food establishments require locations with the correct amenities to prepare and serve burgers, chicken or other fare. Of course, both types of businesses need a location with the proper zoning, line of site permissions, and easy access for customers and delivery people. The best way to locate the right location for either one of these businesses is to hire Lease Link Property Consultants since our company is a petrol station and fast food specialist in site acquisitions.

We Perform a Site Search for You

Property consultants from our company search for a suitable location for you. We review all available properties regularly to understand which ones are up for sale or lease. For this reason, we can advise you within a short time about which sites will be favourable for your business purposes.

Our Company Inspects All Sites

Once you decide upon a site, we will inspect it for you to ensure it is in the right condition for your specific business. Not only do we examine its physical condition, but we also discover whether it contains all necessary amenities. If any area of the property requires altering, we make a note of it to include it in the negotiating process. Just another reason to hire our company.

Property Consultants From Our Company Verify Ownership

Our property consultants verify that the person claiming ownership of the property is indeed the owner. Over the years, fraud has occurred when a people claim ownership when they do not have the legal right to lease out or sell property. For this reason, a title and ownership search for verification is necessary before proceeding with any site acquisitions.

Lease Link Experts Negotiate Sales or Lease Terms

Experts from Lease Link also will negotiate all your sales or lease terms to ensure that they are to your benefit and not detrimental to the success of your company. Our company understands the lingo, and the procedures that we should utilise in a negotiation. Most of our clients are not experts in this area.

To guarantee that your next location is suitable in every way for your business, hire Lease Link Property Consultants because we are a specialist in site acquisitions for petrol stations and fast food locations. We will perform all the time-consuming, important tasks for you. All that you will need to do is agree with our choices, sign the paperwork and allocate the proper payments.

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