Development Sites For Petrol Stations: What Are The Qualities of An Ideal Location?

April 20, 2016

Development sites for petrol stations must meet certain specifications to be viable sites for these retail businesses. These specifications range from proper zoning to the appropriate topographical features of the site. Before any location can contain one of these stations, it has to go through an in-depth analysis. Below, you will discover the qualifications for the ideal locations of petrol stations.

The Site Must Meet Local Zoning Requirements

A location for a petrol station first must meet the specific zoning requirements before any construction can begin on the site. The requirements dictate where you can and cannot locate petrol tanks. While there are circumstances that may lead to the local authorities making an exception with zoning, you must clear all petrol-station projects with the appropriate zoning authorities before you can proceed with your station.

Location Is Easily Accessible

The location should be easily accessible to potential customers and petrol trucks. Without this feature, people will not come to fill up their vehicles. If the surrounding area is under development, you will need to research into where the access will be for your property. Access routes are seen easily when the entire area is already developed for business.

Line of Site Easement Provides Petrol Station with Legal Rights

Line of site easement protects a petrol station's rights over the years so that other projects cannot interfere with its ability to be seen by the public. When drivers cannot view the station's location in an expeditious manner, they will not patronize it with their business. As a result, revenues will decrease and have a detrimental effect to the overall success of the station. You must not underestimate the importance of this easement with development sites for petrol stations.

Topographical Features Should Not Interfere with the Safe Operations of the Petrol Station

The topography of the area should not interfere with the safe operations of the petrol station. Since the storage and delivery of petrol pose certain risks, the lay of the land must not add to these risks.

When in search of the ideal development sites for petrol stations, it is advisable to hire experts to ensure that the locations are indeed viable for this purpose. Lease Link Property Consultants provide such experts who will research into prospective sites for petrol stations for you to make the decision less stressful and more accurate for your needs. They also will take care of all paperwork, approval, permits, land surveys and other details that these development sites involve to bring plans for petrol stations to fruition.

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