Common Questions That You Can Ask Your Commercial Property Consultant

February 29, 2016

When your company is in search of a different location, the task is easier to accomplish with the assistance of a commercial property consultant. Locating a reputable consultant may be confusing if you do not understand the right questions to ask one to determine his or her qualifications. We are here to assist you with a list of questions in this information.

1. What is your expertise in with commercial property? How many years have you been a property consultant? Surely, you will rather trust someone with years of experience and expertise instead of one who has just become a property consultant.

2. Do you search for property for me or only guide me in my own search? A reputable consultant will search for you.

3. Do you verify the ownership of the property? Certain properties sell and lease occasionally where the ownership comes into question.

4. Will you handle the price negotiations to ensure that I pay the fairest price for a rental or sales property?

5. Do you locate properties for rental as well as for sale?

6. Do you assist me with selling property?

7. Will you conduct a thorough inspection of the rental or property for sale to ensure that it is in the ideal condition for my company?

8. Do you have a mission statement by which to run your business?

9. What present and past clients may I speak with for references? Consultants who do not provide references may fail to deliver quality service.

10. What commercial lease properties do you list at present?

11. Are there any commercial sale properties on your list right now?

12. Do you perform all the tasks with site acquisition on my behalf?

13. Will you advocate for me in all phases of contract negotiations to ensure that all terms and conditions are equitable and fair for my company?

14. Do you ensure that all necessary amenities for proper business operation are installed in the property before I agree to rent or purchase it?

15. Do you also practice development consultancy?

16. Are you a fast-food and fuel specialist along with your other expertise?

Ask these questions when you interview a commercial property consultant and through his or her answers, you will discover if the consultant is the right one for your company's property needs. Please include Lease Link Property Consultants in your interview process to give our company a chance to prove that our company will provide quality services to your company.

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