Business Growth Starts by Finding the Right Location

June 15, 2016

To achieve a high level of business growth, you must first discover the right location for your company to conduct its business. Whether you own a petrol station, a retail store or a multi-million dollar corporation, this statement holds true 100 percent of the time. You need to understand the zoning laws, the accessibility of the spot for customers or clients, the amount of competition, the condition of the property, the price and other considerations before you sign a lease or sale contract.

Zoning Laws

In Australia, there are various types of zoning laws to fit the different kinds of businesses throughout the country. You should check with local authorities to ensure that the piece of property you wish for your business is zoned properly or else your company will not be able to operate legally on the site. The primary zoning categories are public use, mixed-use, agricultural, industrial, residential and commercial.

The Accessibility of the Spot Is Important for Your Clients or Customers

The spot should have safe, convenient accessibility for your clients or customers, whether they enter the property on foot or by vehicle. Along with this, your signage should be highly visible from the street or parking area at all times of the day and night.

Competition Can Help or Harm Your Efforts at Growth

If there is a bit of competition in the area, it can spur you on to outperform the other companies, but when the competition is excessive, it can make it difficult for your business to succeed. For this reason, you should analyse the number of competitors in the area before agreeing upon a location.

The Condition of the Property Should Be Ideal for Your Use

Inspect the property closely to ensure that it fits your needs. For example, if you have special considerations such as underground storage for fuel tanks, ensure that the land is stable enough for them or not untainted by the ones already in place. Instead, maybe you have an interest in a restaurant full of gear to operate your own eatery. In this case, you need to be certain that all necessary amenities are installed and fully functional before you sign the lease or sales contract. We could provide additional scenarios, but we think that you understand what we are saying.

Other Considerations

  • Lease or sales price should be fair
  • Near transportation sources for easy shipping and receiving merchandise when applicable
  • Contract terms need to be clear and easy to comprehend
  • Independent inspections are advisable
  • Hire professionals to assist you

When you hire Lease Link Property Consultants, we will perform a search for the right location for you to decrease the stress of this task. We will ensure that all details are taken care of in the proper manner. All you will need to deal with is to approve one of the choices and sign your name when you agree with all the details. Our company will expedite this search so you can return to concentrating on the business growth of your company.

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