An Introduction to the Role of a Property Consultant in Securing Commercial Space Locations

December 8, 2015

When a company is in search of the ideal commercial premises to conduct its business from, it can be overwhelming when sourcing the ideal location or locations. You may understand why we say this if you are in the midst of this type of search at present and find yourself faced with this very dilemma. Luckily, there is help available when grappling with such a decision in the form of experienced and ethical property consultants or advisors. A skilled consultant such as this removes the stress from locating the right commercial location for your business and removes a lot of the guess work for you.

Property Consultants Analyse and Advise

The property advisors are experts at analyzing your company’s needs in a commercial location in order to lead you in the right direction. They will advise on the amount of space that you require. In addition, they should ensure you secure the best locations for that space, and where you will receive the lowest rental, greatest incentive or lowest purchase prices. In case you decide to build, the consultant should be able to assist you in analyzing the various construction costs and provide advice to you on the property that your company may choose to develop from the ground up through to completion.

Professional Consultants Ensure the Property is Sound

Before you purchase or lease property of any type, these professional advisors should ensure that it is the ideal type for its intended purpose. Their services may include pre-developmental and pre purchase studies on zoning, transportation, traffic volumes, location and various soil types. Beyond that, they should be able to assist with the assessment of engineering reports, review of contamination reports, review of acoustic and lighting reports and accompany this with the relevant advice. On top of all this, they will provide pertinent information on project feasibility. The property consultant that you hire should be able to assist you during the acquisition process of the site, development and or disposal if need be.

Property Advisors Will Advocate for Your Company

Property consultants should advocate for a fair and equitable rental when securing a leased premises on your behalf or act to ensure you pay the lowest purchase price when engaged to act by a purchaser. They also will ensure that the Lessor structures the leases correctly with the agreed terms and conditions and should ensure that all legal documentation is completed in accordance with the appropriate guidelines thereby safeguarding the position of both parties. By undertaking these measures early in the piece, you stand to minimize disputes over the term of the lease and any option periods. When directly engaged, the consultants should negotiate on your behalf for an agreement that is in your company’s favour.

Take time to research into the right property consultant for your company the next time it needs a new location. You need not struggle and stress over the decision when you can receive professional guidance and assistance with all facets of locating and leasing or purchasing the necessary property. Ask about the consultant’s qualifications and list of services to guarantee satisfactory results. In Victoria Australia, Lease Link Property Consultants Pty Ltd is at your service. Please include our company in your search for assistance.

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